Financial Literacy (Advanced) @ Dunman High School

Equip youths with financial life skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow through simulated games, board games and hands-on.


A group of Secondary 4 students from Dunman High School were selected to attend our Financial Literacy (Advanced) for Teens course which was aimed at equipping them with financial skills and knowledge that would be beneficial for life. The course took place over 6 sessions across 2 months.


  1. Knowledge Acquisition
  2. Stock Challenge
  3. Corporate Visit to Facebook (Singapore)
  4. Speaker Series

Knowledge Acquisition

Apart from learning about investments and risk management, the students were also introduced to the concept of the Life Time Value of a customer, which is adopted from Time Value of Money. They are also introduced to the basics of Data Analytics.

Stock Challenge

Students pitted themselves against one another in a stock trading challenge for 9 weeks, where they traded stocks listed in the market using a virtual account on the TradeHero mobile application. Throughout this process, they applied the acquired knowledge to make decisions that would multiply their portfolio value to be ahead of the others.

Corporate Visit to Facebook (Singapore)

Students had an eye-opener when they visited the Singapore office of Facebook, where they learnt about how Facebook uses Data to achieve their corporate goals. They had the opportunity to listen to the industry professionals and receive answers to their burning questions.

Speaker Series

2 speakers were invited to share about their experiences in the corporate sector and inspire them to pursue careers in banking and entrepreneurship. Students were able to hear first-hand on what they can expect when working in the banking and finance industry.

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